Nearby Wonders

This printable pack contains an overview map showing the locations of all the Wonders on your trip, as well as detailed maps showing the location of each Wonder individually. Finally, it also contains the content of each Wonder for you to look at when you reach their locations.


You planned this trip .

None of the Wonders in your trip contain audio, but the content might ask you to listen to your surroundings when you arrive at the different locations.

If you start at your chosen starting location and visit all the Wonders in the order suggested below, we estimate that you will travel and that your experience will last about .

This is based on you walking at a pace of 3km/h, which is considered a "relaxed walking pace". You should adjust the estimate if you will travel by different means.

Some of your Wonders have specific access requirements: these might be particular opening times or a physically challenging location. Details are given on the sheet titled "Your Wonders".

If you cannot physically visit a Wonder, skip it and move on to the next Wonder in your list.

Your safety

Enjoy searching for your Wonders, but keep the following points in mind:

Your Wonders

We suggest that you visit the Wonders in the order shown below: